The New Campus Life Means New Technology for New Situations – How Virtual Reality Enhances Studying at TUM Campus Heilbronn

Great news from our TUM Campus Heilbronn: Prof. Dr. David Wuttke and his team have taken the crisis as an opportunity to promote the use of Virtual Reality (VR) applications in online teaching and have already started to offer the first courses in VR this summer semester.

After months of intense preparation, the team around Prof. Dr. David Wuttke, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Center for Digital Transformation in Heilbronn, found several VR applications that will be used in production and logistics courses this summer semester. In the lectures, students and professors will meet via the app EngageVR, where they will interact, discuss, and study together. Studying in a VR environment offers a broad range of opportunities, combining some of the advantages of online teaching with a setting that is closer to onsite lectures. While students can join from various locations, this solution offers a more realistic classroom setting, enables personal interaction, and creates a more focused learning atmosphere. “Virtual reality offers many benefits, such as a highly immersive environment and a clear focus on content without any distraction. It enables our students to be – virtually – placed in a manufacturing setting and learn first-hand. It allows for user interaction and direct feedback,” says Prof. Dr. David Wuttke, head of the project.

Get a first peak into what EngageVR can offer in this video:

More information can be found here: