The centrally located Bildungscampus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation provides a truly unique space for teaching and learning, for education and science.

The Bildungscampus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, located in the heart of Heilbronn, offers a space for life-long learning. More than ten educational institutions offer a broad range of study courses and other qualification programs, including programs that can be taken alongside the job. All of these programs are geared towards the future and complement each other. The campus covers 65,000m2 in the center of Heilbronn: Bildungscampus East is host to various educational institutions as well as the Forum, a well-known event location. The impressive “Campus Bridge“ leads to the Bildungscampus North/Center where you will find the innovative Congress Center AULA, the new refectory and a stat-of-the-art library that serves all universities and colleges in Heilbronn. The Bildungscampus Heilbronn with its multi-faceted infrastructure offers a range of education for all phases of life, covering everything from pre-school education to academic degrees and further education alongside the job.

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