Dieter Schwarz Stiftung

The Dieter Schwarz Foundation supports a wide range of forward-thinking opportunities and programmes in the fields of education and science, which are geared towards the various stages of life.

“Promote education, share knowledge, venture future” is the guiding principle of the Foundation named after the German entrepreneur Dieter Schwarz. Based in Heilbronn, it has been active in the region and beyond since 1999 and ranks among the large german foundations. The Foundation strives to support with its commitment today what makes tomorrow’s society strong: a wide range of educational opportunities targeting people at different stages of their lives. Science, too, is crucial to the development of our state and its ability to cope with the future. With this in mind, a major aim of the Foundation is to identify potential; on this basis, it develops visions that it implements in a sustainable way.The current focus is on the Heilbronn Bildungscampus and on the experimenta science centre, which is also based in Heilbronn and allows visitors to experience science and technology at first hand and with all their senses.

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