LIV Library

LIV – learning. information. networking.

The name reveals what makes this library exceptional: Learning, Information, Networking (in German: “Vernetzen“, the “V“ in LIV). LIV is the joint library of the DHBW, which is represented at the Bildungscampus by the Study Academy Heilbronn and the Center for Advanced Studies, and Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. Both universities jointly operate the library; the TU Munich, Campus Heilbronn gGmbH and the German Graduate School gGmbH are linked in a cooperative structure. This makes LIV one of its kind, a unique model of cross-university collaboration.

In Heilbronn, there are LIV libraries at the Bildungscampus and Campus Sontheim; further LIV libraries are located at sites of the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences in Künzelsau and Schwäbisch Hall. All sites are linked via virtual and logistic systems and so provide comprehensive services for over 14,000 users, offering around 300,000 physical and electronic media units (books, e-books, e-journals, data bases). Information and guidance points help the users look for, and find, specific information.

LIV is more than a library. It is a service provider and partner offering support. Service provider for its users – offering support for students, teachers and researchers – partner for other libraries and institutions and for the development of tailored offers. The e-media laboratory and its state-of-the-art equipment offers a wide range of possibilities, such as audiovisual recordings and the production of electronic media and e-learning materials.



Und das bedeutet LIV:

Your first point of contact, both in the real and the virtual space, equipped with state-of-the-art material and facilities as well as appealing study and work spaces, this library is designed as a place where people can meet and collaborate. Innovative concepts of analog and virtual spaces are implemented to enable and facilitate the transfer of knowledge, discussions and reflections in various phases of the learning process. If these processes require changes, this is accomplished by innovative didactical and methodological teaching and learning settings; added to this is a broad portfolio of diverse and flexible learning spaces with approximately 600 work stations that enable both individual and interactive study and work situations. There are variable rooms for training sessions and multifunctional spaces as well as spaces for relaxing and lounges which create an attractive atmosphere and beckon users to check them out rest for a bit.

LIV is a cross-university institution that offers its users access to an extensive pool of academic content and a diverse range of information. This includes information in physical form, usually printed books and magazines as is customary in a traditional library, as well as making information and data accessible in electronic form. Library staff provide their support and expertise, offering guidance and training to help users field, evaluate (above all regarding quality and relevance), compile and access information and material.

By joining forces, the Heilbronn universities’ libraries not only strengthened the overall capacities of their information infrastructure. Anchoring the library within the overall organization of the universities deepens the cooperative relationships in the areas of teaching, studying, research and transfer, and the library will assume a key position as a facilitator of the consolidation of existing and creation of new forms of collaboration between the universities. This cross-university institution will be a central connecting point and networking partner for all faculties and institutions, where new ideas, projects and collaboration based on a common methodology can grow. Teachers, researchers and students will find LIV to be a place where they can give their ideas free reign, a place that enables and encourages digital and collaborative work.

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