The City

Heilbronn – a city with much to offer

“Wherever you look: fertility abounds.“ Those were the words uttered by Goethe when he gazed down at the city from the Wartberg, a hill outside Heilbronn. And that is still true, today more than ever. Württemberg’s oldest wine producing town is a place where things are happening. You will find modern, top-notch educational institutions, with more being added all the time. World leaders from various industries cook up new products and ideas and offer interesting and safe jobs. And the landscape that triggered Goethe’s poetic words is there for everyone to enjoy, every day, in the surrounding vineyards or at the river Neckar, which runs right through the city center.

Made in Heilbronn

A place with a booming economy. Heilbronn is abuzz with productivity and a “schaffen“ attitude (the local term for “creating, being busy“). People from Heilbronn are usually quite modest – but we are proud that our region has the highest density of globally leading companies. That’s quite something. Not all of the approximately 100 world leaders are huge corporations; rather, the economic strength of the region Heilbronn-Franken lies in medium-sized, often less well-known companies. Hidden champions, if you like. And Heilbronn as regional capital is right at the heart of it.

The inner-city campus

A place of learning. University, college, cooperative university, business school and a non-profit institution for further education. And all of this on a top-notch, modern campus in the heart of the city. Not many cities can beat that!
Heilbronn is colorful
A place for open minds. Life in Heilbronn is truly multi-cultural. This is one of our strengths: having people from over 140 countries live in one city offers more than cultural riches. Restaurants, clubs and festivities – Heilbronn draws from and celebrates the colorful worlds of the people who live here. This open mind is demonstrated by lively civic engagement and a remarkable number of foundations.
Everything you need to make life worth living
A place to enjoy life. If you work hard, you should also enjoy life to the full. That’s why people in Heilbronn love to celebrate and organize many festivities. We love our wine, explore nature – of which there is plenty just outside the city – and dive into the multi-faceted cultural events in Heilbronn.
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