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What Heilbronn offers

Heilbronn sees education and knowledge as a location factor and therefore supports the universities in their further development as well as a growing interlinkage between the educational institutions and businesses and companies by integrating all relevant actors in planning and development. All of them form integral parts of the educational environment in and around Heilbronn.

The city of Heilbronn is home to many nationalities and a place where tolerance and openness are lived and celebrated. Education is a major factor in all integration activities and the basis for participation in society, culture and politics.

The educational environment in Heilbronn offers a broad range of educational opportunities oriented towards the diverse needs of children, young adults and adults. The implementation of this ambitious educational concept is mainly in the hands of the city’s education management.

Heilbronn is a leader in early childhood education and in education geared towards practical application as well as in knowledge transfer. This not only ensures a secure future for Heilbronn’s inhabitants but also attracts students, highly qualified professionals and families from other regions to come to Heilbronn – and stay.

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