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The DHBW Center for Advanced Studies (DHBW CAS) bundles Master’s programs and further education offers of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University. The programs are designed for anyone with an undergraduate degree who wishes to achieve further qualification alongside their job and in a way that is integrated into their work.

The DHBW CAS also offers 20 Master’s programs in the fields of business, technology and social affairs for those who want to add further qualifications or specializations after getting their Bachelor’s degree. The Dual Master’s is defined by its flexibility and the options to choose from. Master’s students design their studies to precisely suit their professional and personal goals. The focus of these studies lies on acquiring skills in the chosen field and developing personal competences with the aim to prepare the students to grow into specialized and leadership positions.

The Dual Master’s offered by DHBW is organized across several sites. About half of the lectures take place at the Bildungscampus in Heilbronn; the other half is distributed across the nine DHBW sites and three campuses. Students will be informed in good time about dates and locations.

Study programs at DHBW CAS begin both in the summer and in winter semesters.


Master's programs

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Master’s programmes: business

From accounting to personnel management, from digitalization to interest rate management: The DHBW CAS Master’s programs offer students the best business know-how for every industry and any size of company. Career changers are welcome too.

  • Accounting, Controlling, Taxation*
  • Digital Business Management*

  • Finance*

  • General Business Management*

  • Master of Business Administration*

  • Marketing*

  • Media and Data-driven Business*

  • Personnel Management and Business Psychology*

  • Sales*

  • Taxes, Accounting and Auditing

  • Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Production*

  • Business Informatics

*Begins summer semester 2021 (subject to successful accreditation)

Master’s programmes: engineering

The Master’s programs in engineering are designed to fit current demands in industry and information technology. All of the programs offer many options so that students can tailor their studies to their individual professional goals.

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Informatics

  • Integrated Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering
Master’s programmes: social affairs

The Master’s programs in social affairs are designed for students who want to develop the best solutions for societal challenges. All programs deal with topical subjects of social work. Students can choose individual focus areas.

  • Governance Social Work

  • Social Work in the Migration Society

  • Social Planning – analysis, development, evaluation

Further academic education

DHBW CAS offers further academic education at university level, in the form of certificate programs and seminars. It is also possible to enroll in individual modules from the Master’s programs. This allows a targeted education in specific areas such as electric mobility or digitalization.

How does the Cooperative Master’s work?

The DHBW CAS Cooperative Master’s programs can be studied alongside employment, but more than that: they are designed to be integrated into the students’ actual work. In other words, the students’ daily job situation plays an important part in their studies: theoretical content is tested on the job. In papers and the Master’s thesis in particular, students apply the knowledge they acquire in their studies to in-company tasks and issues.

Students are offered flexibility in designing their study plan, with regard to time, location and content. They choose modules according to their interest and know, when they make their choice, where and when these modules will be taught.

Questions? Ask us!
We invite you to join our information events, online or on-site at the Bildungscampus Heilbronn or one of the DHBW locations. In these events, we will present details on the concept of the Cooperative Master’s studies and give an overview of the Master’s programs.
If you have any questions about admission, application and how the studies will unfold, please contact the DHBW CAS study program managers.

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