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Financial markets, investments and predictability – An interview with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Müller

In the current issue of the Heilbronn city magazine “Hanix”, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Müller, Professor of Finance at the Center for Digital Transformation at TUM Campus Heilbronn, talked about the importance of the financial market, its relation to the economy, and its predictability. Why are interest rates currently so low? Are stock value and business value decoupled from one another? And how central are forecasts with regards to investment strategies?

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Blockchain Supported Supply Chain Finance: Tapping into Uncharted Territory

In most cases, supply chain financing is achieved through traditional payment methods. Blockchain applications facilitate faster payment flows and can incorporate upstream suppliers into supply chain finance (SCF). The benefits of the technology were discussed by seven international experts at the 3rd Supply Chain Finance HUB hosted by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) at the Heilbronn Campus.

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Utopia or dystopia: A closer look at the idea of a meta-universe

No more science fiction: if tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg have their way, our everyday lives will soon shift to a new, digital universe. First the renaming of the Facebook group to “Meta” and then the announcement to invest 50 million dollars, a new division and new jobs in the foundation of a Meta universe – Zuckerberg is serious.

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TUM Talk in Heilbronn: “We must redefine tradition”

Succession and sustainability, preservation and departure: family businesses face numerous tasks to make themselves fit for the next generation. At the second TUM Talk held by the Technical University of Munich at the TUM Campus Heilbronn, representatives from business and science focused on the potential of family-run businesses.

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Is lying an important soft skill for negotiators? Prof. Stephanie Jung on lies, bluffs and their consequences in business negotiations

In the current issue of the Heilbronn city magazine “Hanix”, Prof. Dr. Stephanie Jung, Professor of Corporate Law at the Global Center for Family Enterprise on our campus in Heilbronn, talked about lies, bluffs and their consequences in business negotiations. Prof. Jung is the (co-)author of the book Contract Negotiations – Tactical, Strategic and Legal Elements, as well as author of the article Acceptable Lies in Contract Negotiations.

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