Wissensstadt Heilbronn e.V.

Heilbronn is well on its way to become a city of knowledge and education. The city itself has integrated the topics of knowledge and education into its brand; and all of the 12 local institutions engaged in the transfer of knowledge, study conditions, research and communication have joined forces in the registered association “Wissensstadt Heilbronn e.V.“ to demonstrate this dedication.

And Heilbronn certainly fills this term with life: what other city can boast to have a university, a university of applied sciences, two cooperative university sites and an innovative coding school? What other city has such a rich offer for top-level life-long learning? Whether it’s the experimenta, member of the Champions League of science centers, the aim (academy for innovative education and management) with its various educational segments, or major research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and the Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute, they all are players in a larger game that makes Heilbronn a genuine Knowledge City, with a reach far beyond the region, for people who see life-long learning as a task and an opportunity for the future. For themselves and for society.

Since 2019, members of the Academy for Innovative Education and Management, Campus Founders, DHBW HN and DHBW CAS, experimenta, Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute, Fraunhofer IAO KODIS, Heilbronner Stimme, University Heilbronn, Schwarz Campus Service, TUM Technical University Munich Campus Heilbronn and the coding school 42 Heilbronn have been using the association as a platform for joint action, networking, development, joint communication and first point of contact for anybody interested.