The future of programming begins in Heilbronn

Finally! The revolutionary Coding School 42 has arrived in Germany – bull’s eye for Heilbronn! This exceptional on-site course has zero teachers, zero classes, zero books, is tuition-free and based on the principle of peer-to-peer learning. Students develop their creativity to its full extent, 24/7, through playful, project-based learning. This is a unique education opportunity for the coders of tomorrow, and anyone above the age of 18 can join irrespective of individual qualifications. All it takes is the right mind-set, being motivated, and passing the admittance process, which consists of an online logic game and a four-week test phase on campus. The Coding School will open early 2021.

At 42, we believe that education should be fun, attractive and accessible to anyone. From day one, our students assume responsibility for their own educational journey, determine the speed at which they study, and learn to collaborate in order to maximize their personal success. This is what makes our graduates stand out in the IT market: they are highly motivated, responsible individuals, critical thinkers, collaborators and creative minds.

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1. Network

The Coding School 42 was founded in 2013 and has since then grown into a large network with global presence. The first college was established in Paris to pursue the founders’ vision to create a coding school that would offer a unique learning environment where students acquire precisely those skills that are in demand on the market at any given moment. Through peer learning, the students develop many skills, such as the ability to engage with others at eye level even if comprehension levels differ. The curriculum is designed to pick up on current and future requirements within the tech industry. This enables the students to develop real-time skills in the market. These philanthropic key ideas have grown into a global network with 31 colleges and 9,000 students. 42 Heilbronn will be the first site in Germany, opening in early 2021.

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2. Curriculum

Our project-based curriculum is designed like a game. Students develop skills through solving tasks that enable them to reach the next level. These projects are carefully designed by experts and apply equally throughout the network. All students start from the same point, which results in a uniform programming base. Once the fundamental skills have been acquired, students can choose to specialize for example in AI, security, 3D visualization or Kernel coding. Students who are not yet sure which path to choose can select trials for individual disciplines.

3. Principles

PEER LEARNING Peer learning means that students interact with one another in order to solve tasks and problems in collaboration. This kind of teamwork develops problem-solving skills, critical thinking and of course helps bond with other students, resulting not only in a valuable network but also in great relationships! PEER EVALUATIONEN Checking each other’s work is an important element of this learning model. The students have to rely on feedback on their work in order to move forward. During this process they learn to defend their coding and also, by way of exchange, how others approach the same task. PROJECT-BASED LEARNING Instead of classes or courses, we offer an interconnected “galaxy“ of projects. Some of these projects are tackled by individuals, others in groups of collaborators of the same age. Every project is a challenge with a short description of the goals and skills the students are meant to acquire during the entire process. 42 does not only aim for languages, algorithms and technology. We teach learning – how to practice creativity, collaboration and problem solving in order to tackle a variety of challenges. GAMIFICATION As in gaming, 42 tracks academic progress by means of Experience Points (EXP). Students develop their competences in every suggested project, in exchange for Experience Points. Every completed project unlocks the next project/s; every subsequent project is rewarded with more and higher EXP. The gaming nature of this approach makes learning fun for the students while strengthening their passion, stamina and motivation. INDIVIDUAL JOURNEYS AT INDIVIDUAL SPEED This individualized and flexible learning model enables students to choose their specialization without having to depend on a curriculum or whole-class progress. They are free to determine the speed that best serves them at a personal and intellectual level. At 42, no journey is like any other.

4. Admission

Registration on the admissions platform (10 minutes)
42 Heilbronn is accessible to anyone – no prior knowlegde, coding experience or diploma required, for anyone over the age of 18. We believe that anyone can learn to code, irrespective of age, gender or social background!

The online game (2-3 hours)
After registering, students play two online games. These games are based on logical thinking and take a minimum of two hours. As there are no breaks, they should be conducted somewhere safe from distractions. As self-determined learning and independence are crucial for anyone who wants to succeed at 42, the games must be played alone. If completed successfully, the games are followed by an invitation to the Check-in.

Check-in 1 (afternoon)
The Check-in is part of the admission process and an opportunity to get a feeling for 42 Heilbronn. During the meeting, students learn more about the program, meet the staff and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Piscine (4 weeks of coding)
The Piscine (French for swimming pool) is a four-week intensive training course on campus. It gives students a taste for the program und determines who will be enrolled. Everyone dives deep into coding and learns to swim with the others. The Piscine does not require any prior knowledge, only an attitude of openness and willingness to work hard!

Kick-off (approx. 3.5 years of studies)
Those applicants who have proved best suited for the intensive environment of 42 and have successfully completed the Piscine will start the program in May 2021. At 42, they will become genuine coders, juggling codes, projects and deadlines on a daily basis.

5. Curious?

Sounds like the perfect fit for you? Click on the link to find out how this kind of online logic test might work. Online game (approx. 10 minutes).

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