The Future of Coding starts in Heilbronn

42 is an innovative, higher education coding school that turns the traditional educational model upside down and provides an industry-leading college-level education for free with no teachers, classes or books. Here you can study, co-create, and have fun together, 24/7. Opening doors beginning 2021.

When you don’t have teachers or professors, you are in charge of your own success and that of your peers. We believe that fostering your ability to think critically, enhance your ability to problem-solve, and create through hands-on projects is not only more effective for learning but also more fun. In the end, this creates a community of lifelong learners and contributes to helping you evolve into well-rounded software engineers.


  • 0 – Teachers, Classes, Books
  • 100 – Percent Free


1. Network (centered)

The first 42 campus was founded in 2013 in Paris with the vision of creating a coder training facility like no other previously conceived – with a unique pedagogy. Students develop valuable interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate with people at different levels of understanding. Furthermore, this peer-based learning model is ever changing to meet the current and future needs of the tech world, meaning to develop a critical long-term foundation but also real-time marketplace skills. The philanthropic endeavours have now developed into a worldwide network with over 30 Campuses in over 20 countries and 10,000 Students. 42 Heilbronn is opening door at the beginning of 2021.


  • 2013 – Founding Year
  • 29 – Campuses
  • 9,000 Students Worldwide

2. Curriculum (left aligned)

Our curriculum is divided into multiple steps. It‘s set up as a game, with the ability to gain levels and achievements through the completion of projects. Everyone starts at the same place to ensure everyone has a strong programming foundation to build upon.

Here at 42 Heilbronn, you can learn to do anything from programming an A.I. to game graphics. Nobody tells you what route you must take, it is up to you! You are in charge of your own future. If you are not sure what your passion is, you are free to try all the routes until you find it. It’s all up to you.

3. Principles

Peer-learning at 42 primarily focuses on promoting passionate student engagement. Peer instruction adds value in its ability to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving and innovation. 42’s collaborative dynamic of a healthy and abundant exchange of ideas comes from students working together to confront and troubleshoot challenging situations without any prior knowledge.

This type of teamwork naturally leads to forming strong bonds between students that helps them build a network that can assist them later on in their careers… not to mention the personal enrichment from making a new community of friends.

Peer-corrections are also an essential part of our peerlearning curriculum. They are an educational technique where students correct each other. Giving corrections is an important part of the process when it comes to working on projects; students must rely on the feedback that they receive about their work in order to progress. By giving and receiving information and by alternating between training and learning, 42 students adapt and progress rapidly.

Project-based Learning is a hands-on way to explore your passions, develop skills, and change the world. Instead of classes or courses, we have a connected galaxy of projects. Some projects are worked on individually and others are done in groups with peers. Each project is a challenge with a brief description of objectives and skills students will learn throughout the process. 42 is not just about languages, algorithms and technologies. We teach you how to learn – how to exercise creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving to tackle various challenges.

Academic progress at 42 is accounted for using experience points, which was inspired by video games. Students develop their competencies through each of those proposed projects and receive experience in exchange for this. Each completed project unlocks the next project(s); each successive project is increasingly more substantial and more high-rewarded. This gamification mindset allows all learning to be fun, while enhancing students’ passion, persistence, and motivation to get to the next level.

The 42 program boasts the flexibility for students to choose their specializations without compromising essential concepts and strategic thinking. By rushing through a curriculum to keep up with the rest of your class or being held back by the average pace of your peers, it is difficult to stay motivated and engaged. Instead of making a commitment to an institution’s schedule, 42 allows students to commit to a pace that works best for them intellectually and personally. No journey is the same as another here at 42, you are on your own path with your own goals and your own finish line.

4. Admission

Register on our Admissions Platform (10 Min)
42 Heilbronn is accessible to everyone, because no previous education, coding experience or diploma is required. To register you only have to be over 18. We believe that everyone can learn to program wherever you come from!

Pass the online Logic Test (2-3 Hours)
After registration, you will play two online games. The games are logic-based and will take at least two hours to complete. Pausing is not possible, so try to work in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. The games must be completed on your own, as self-learning and independence are critical to success at 42. If successful, you’ll be invited to the Check-in.

Check-in (1 Afternoon)
The check-in meeting is part of the admission process and your chance to get a feeling for 42 Heilbronn. During the meeting, you’ll be able to learn more about the program, meet the staff, and ask any additional questions you may have.

Piscine (4 Weeks Coding)
The Piscine (French word for pool) is an immersive four-week training on campus that will give you a taste of our education model and define who will enroll in the school. Everyone dives into the deep end of coding and you learn to swim together. You don’t need any prior coding skills, just be open and ready for hard work.

Kick-off (Studying for about 3,5 years)
The candidates best suited to 42’s rigorous environment, those who successfully complete the Piscine, will begin their studies in May 2021. This is when you’ll become a real programmer — juggling code, projects, and deadlines every day.

5. Curious?

Does all this sound like the perfect fit for you? Follow this link to see how a online test could work.

Spend 10 Min on this online game
Link: http://ftzzle.42.us.org/index.html

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